$22.27 USD

A fun and inspiring interactive ball spinner which combines sounds, movement, and ability to change hole sizes for treat dispensing. This engagement will keep cats happy stimulated. A 2 In 1 Ball Spinner and Treat Dispenser will keep you cat active and help with healthy habits. The motorized sweeper arm rotates the inside ball. The domed cage creates managed space for play, while treats are randomly dispensed.

• A fun and inspiring interactive ball spinner! This combined sounds, movement, different sizes of hole and treat dispensing, which keep cats engaged and stimulated through plays. 2in1 play random ball spinner and treat dispenser to keep kitty active.
• Motorized sweeper arm rotates play balls around
• Dome cage giving kitty a play space
• Treat dispenser for contained play
• Made for dogs and cats

Product dimensions: 206 x 206 x 160mm