$299.99 USD



• A state-of-the-art robot that helps monitor your pet’s movements remotely
• Downloadable app that easily interacts with your pet
• Optional add-on accessory for pet chasing


Video Tracking + Remote Interaction

• 1080p, 2 million pixels
• Two-way audio, night vision, records photos and videos
• Vertical pivoting 20-degree range camera and wide 110-degree
• App-controlled two ways microphone and speaker

Built-in Projecting Laser Dot


• Remote App-controlled with projection of range 30-40mm
• Safe laser projection


• Robot moves backward after treat-dispensing, relaxing for the pet
• Inner carousel storage, can hold 15mm kibble up to 0.7 cup
• Forward dispensing chute makes feeding convenient
• App control feeding
• Magnet closure on the lid, easy to use

Stand All-day-long Battery Life

• Standby time 7 days
• Full working time 8 hours

Product dimensions: 216 x 215 x 133mm