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It is a great toy for you and your feline friend to spend some quality playtime together. The fishing pole teaser cat toy is the ultimate interactive toy for your pets. It was created using real fishing theory and has several benefits. Play is a great way to alleviate tension, worry, and boredom in our pets. When they do not have any cat toys available to play with, indoor cats will satisfy their natural need to play with everything they can find around the house. This includes things like furniture, shoelaces, and curtains. The pole teaser comes with a spinning reel to adjust the length of the string. It can be cast up to 6 feet high. The unique design makes it more convenient for your cat to play with this toy.


The design of the fishing pole toy for cats is extremely compact. There are replaceable lures and a nylon cord from which the fish hangs in this toy fishing pole. Your cat will have a great time engaging with the interactive fishing pole.


Your cats will be able to flip, jump, pounce, and chase with the aid of this innovative cat toy. The interactive cat toy is a great way to get your cat's energy out. They will be more active, happy and fit on use of this fishing pole cat toy. Tempt your pet into playtime!


The cat fishing rod and sturdy winder makes the cat toy durable. Your cat can spend hours having fun with the fishing teaser toy. It’s a great workout for them! Just press the button to release the cord with the fish for your cat to jump on! The fishing lure toy for cats is also foldable for compact storage around the house.


With the cat fishing pole toy available for all breeds and sizes of cats, you need not worry about after care and use. The fishing lure is washable and the cord on which the fish is attached is durable and long lasting. The fishing cord is made out of nylon. It can be cleaned and used easily.


The durable cat fishing pole teaser toy is the best gift for cats on their Birthdays, as Christmas and New Year presents or for any other such occasion. Your cats will be delighted on seeing this new toy of theirs.

Product dimensions: 420 x 100 x 95mm