$15.99 USD

Pop Shot™️ timer-activated treat feeder is the perfect toy for mental stimulation. The continuous noise created by the rotating timer wheel will keep your dog or cat’s focus as they would try to unlock excitedly the mystery of Pop Shot.

• A great hide and seek or training aid to reach your pet patience and focus.
• Holds 1/4 cup of kibbles or treats
• Delay treat toy for training and hide and seek
• BPA free materials


The automatic dog feeder toy will get your dog up and about in no time! You can use it to train them and get some exercise as you delay treat time. The dog feeder is also great as a game of hide and seek you can play with your pet!


The Foobler Pop Shot™️ is the ideal interactive dog ball for mental stimulation. Your dog will be able to maintain attention thanks to the constant sound produced by the rotating timer wheel in the dog toy. This dog treat ball interactive dispensing toy will also get them overly excited as they strive to solve its mystery.


The container can hold up to a quarter cup of dry dog food or treats in the dog treat ball toy. In the dispenser, you can insert any kind of dry nibbles your pet likes which are also healthy, wholesome and nutritive for them. This dog treat ball helps to improve their physical, mental and emotional state altogether.


Simply load the dog treat ball, then wind up this interactive toy; keep in mind that the more you wind it, the longer it will take to release the dog treat. To reward your dog, an adjustable timer can be set anywhere from ten seconds to one minute that will pop open the dog treat dispenser. They’ll be overjoyed to see their favorite dog treat appear as though like magic!


This treat ball for dogs is made of BPA free materials. It is easy to clean and convenient to use by your pets. You need not worry that the automatic treat ball for dogs will be harmful to your pets in any way. This interactive dog toy is absolutely safe!

Product dimensions: 87 x 87x 68mm