Puzzler Feed + Treat

$15.99 USD

Puzzler feed + paste treat pad

Use the Kibble Bowl in combination with the Paste Treat Pad to give treat time a new twist in between feedings or add paste treats to mealtime in the paste grooves.

Slow Feeding

Help your pet curb poor eating habits by slowing down feeding time for better digestion, reduced bloating.

Non-Slip Base

The Dog Slow Feeder Bowl has four small rubber anti-skid pads installed at the bottom of the bowl, which effectively prevent the food bowl from moving.

Safety Material

The Slow Feed Dog Bowl is made of environmentally friendly materials and meets pet food safety standards. High-temperature resistant and bite resistant.

Product dimensions:
Large: 225 x 220 x 75mm (2 Cups)
Small: 185 x 180 x 75mm (1 cup)