Run and Go Auto-Lock

$19.99 USD

Auto-Lock retractable leash Hands-free dog leash makes it more enjoyable to walk with your dog. It is so nice to be hands-free and be able to carry a coffee or phone or whatever. It allows you to free run or jog and no longer must hold the leash in your hand. Our running leash for dogs is a great way to have your hands accessible and your dog on a leash simultaneously.

It can automatically stop your dog if it runs too fast or gets too excited. The leash can lock the length with the push of a button. Designed with 1.5 meters cord with adjustable tape for different wrist sizes.

Reduce Arms Hurt, Shoulder Pain – The auto leash is good at shock absorbing. Bungee helps a lot to absorb the shock of a strong pull. It takes the stress off your shoulders. Arms no longer hurt from pulling. The hand-free dog leash is a great way to let your puller dog enjoy the walk if you have a shoulder or neck injury.

• Adjustable soft band for hands-free walking
• Body case can rotate 360 degrees for a better dog walk
• 1.5 meters cord lead

Product dimensions: 190 x 75 x 60mm