Teething Waffle

$7.99 USD
Do you have a new puppy or dog that loves teething toys? Now they can teeth on these adorable food items. Choose from the Oreo or waffle teething toy. They are designed to encourage positive play and teach your puppy healthy chewing habits from an early age. This is made of a super soft material that is perfect for puppies or your pets that no longer have permanent teeth. This is also great for dental health. Keep your pups happy, busy and entertained while the textured nubs help them clean teeth and reduce plaque and tartar. Perfect first toy for puppies!
• Encourages positive play, teaches healthy chewing habits from an early age
• Textured nubs help to clean teeth
• Helps with the teething of puppies from baby teeth to permanent ones
• Great for pets without permanent teeth
• Waffle Teether
Product dimensions: 87 x 52 x 13mm